A band decades in the making...

                                                                                        Clarke Wyatt - Betse Ellis - Kelly Wells - Ryan Spearman

                                                                                        Clarke Wyatt - Betse Ellis - Kelly Wells - Ryan Spearman


Way back when...


Two old time bands meet at a bar... not just any bar, but the legendary Grand Emporium (RIP) in Kansas City, Missouri. In the early 2000s, Ryan Spearman's band High on the Hog, on tour from Colorado, played the Rural Grit Happy Hour and Betse Ellis was there with her band, The Wilders. The jam session in the alley next to the bar after the show cemented a lifelong friendship. Both bands are history now, but Ryan and Betse kept talking about a collaboration... the timing just was never right.

Some things are worth waiting for! Ryan's duo with his wife, Kelly Wells (The Aching Hearts) and Betse and her partner Clarke Wyatt decided to present a set at the John Hartford Memorial Festival, all Hartford compositions or fiddle tunes he recorded. The rehearsals were almost too much fun to bear. The magical chemistry of those former bands, in a new setting with two musical couples, made perfect sense.

Now these four are creating more music together and planning adventures. December 2017 they are playing two concerts in the Ozarks (The Rock House in Reeds Spring, Missouri, and the Ozark Mountain Smokehouse in Fayetteville, Arkansas) and introducing their sound to Kansas City (Stockyards Brewing Company, and Rural Grit Happy Hour).


Enjoy a glimpse into their rural retreat in the Spring of 2017! Here's "The Old Man at the Mill", a song  learned from Clarence Ashley and The Dillards.