What they're Saying...


"There's a sense of playfulness and passion underlying Betse and Clarke's performance that draws you in and leaves you wanting to get to know that tune the way they know it.  For Betse & Clarke, this music is personal. They breathe new life into old tunes all the while offering audiences a personal and heartfelt connection to the tradition-bearers from whom they learned.

In Southeast Kentucky, I often heard folks say "old time music is a not a spectator sport."  Betse & Clarke are living proof of this. You can't just sit back and listen to them play.  The passion and joy they bring to the music is irresistible.  They draw you in and welcome you into the music with open hearts. And before you know it, you are in the music with them.  The best old time music is gritty and graceful, raw, rambunctious and full of life - and that's exactly what they serve up! It's a wonderful thing to have these two keeping that spirit alive and well."

Suzanne Savell - President, Bubbaville (Portland Old Time Music Gathering)

Director of the Traditional Music Program, Appalshop 2003 - 2008


"Authentic…from the heart with plenty of soul. Betse and Clarke are as good as it gets.”

Daren Dortin - Ozark Highlands Radio Executive Producer/Music Director, Ozark Folk Center



  • "Bird Notes" EP chosen as a notable local release of 2015 by Kansas City Star Music Critic Timothy Finn
  • Betse & Clarke were both instructors at Folk Alliance International Winter Music Camp 2016
  • Betse & Clarke were official showcase artists at Folk Alliance International Conference 2015
  • Betse & Clarke are both alumni of Artist, INC