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On this EP, you'll hear traditional tunes and our own compositions. A few notes:

To download on your computer: right click (PC) or control-click (Mac) on a track and save target as (or save link as) - this will put it on your desktop and then you can play it in your music player of choice.

To listen on your mobile device:

Click the "Play" button on the cover image. At this point, we don't have the means to make it downloadable on a mobile device. You can access this page as often as you like... we hope you enjoy the music!


Thank you for your support!

Track notes:

1. The Squirrel Hunters (traditional) - of course many of us know this because of John Hartford. This is our arrangement and inspired vision of the tune. BE: standard tuning; CW: aDGBD

2. Fair and Tender Ladies (traditional) - with a nod to Gene Clark. BE: standard tuning; CW: aEAC#E

3. Possum Walk (Clarke Wyatt) - Clarke wrote this in calico tuning on the banjo. BE: AEAC#; CW: eAEAC# on low banjo. Additional instrument: mouth bow (BE)

4. Give the Fiddler a Dram/Pig on a Stone (traditional/Betse Ellis) - Dram comes from Sid Hemphill's version. BE: standard tuning; CW: gDGBD. Additional instruments: guiro (CW), limberjack (BE), foot stomps (BE&CW)

5. Riding on Your High Horse (Betse Ellis) - Rock. BE: AEAE; CW: aEAC#E. Additional instruments: plucked cello (CW), extra fiddle overdub (BE)

6. The Quail is a Pretty Bird (traditional) - another nod to John Hartford. We had several minutes of true instrumental conversation here. BE: standard; CW: aEAC#E